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We support entrepreneurs
around the world

We use the proven success of the Search Fund investment model to target unique entrepreneurs and profitable Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with the potential to grow via improved strategic management and the implementation of efficient technologies and ESG policies.

Often, the original founders of the company (e.g. a family business) are looking to transition their business to a new generation of leaders who are willing to invest their energy to grow the business, while maintaining existing relationships with customers, suppliers and employees.
To achieve that, we have developed a unique investment model that excels at the four critical factors for superior performance in Search Funds:
  • We have a constant and privileged access to a global pipeline of Searchers from top-tier business schools worldwide;
  • We have developed a proven and effective process to screen and select the best Searchers anywhere in the world;
  • We work with responsible, tech-savvy and global minded Searchers who acquire SMEs that are inflation-resistant and catastrophe-resistant and can simultaneously create faster value through the implementation of better management, ESG policies and technology;
  • We actively monitor and coach the entrepreneurs we support during their whole entrepreneurial journey, from fundraising to value creation and exit, together with our local, regional and global co-investors and board of advisors.

Access to
top talent

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Our primary markets

Developed economies: Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Portugal, Spain*, France*, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Greece, Israel, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan*, Australia and New Zealand.

Latin America: Mexico*, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay*, Brazil*.

Eastern Europe: Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Czechia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Ukraine and Georgia.

Middle East and North Africa: Turkey, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Senegal, Cape Verde, Ivory Coast*, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa.
Developing Asia: Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Mongolia, China, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam*, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines.

* Countries we have invested up to June 2022.

ps: We love to meet Search Fund pioneers, if you are one of the first searchers in your country or region,  please, let us know.  :-)

Our secondary markets

Developed economies: The Bahamas, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg, Andorra, Malta, New Caledonia.

Latin America: Belize, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, St Lucia, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana, Bolivia, Venezuela.

Eastern Europe: Moldova, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and North Macedonia.

Middle East and North Africa: Cyprus, Lebanon, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Iraq.

Sub-Saharan Africa: Mauritania, The Gambia, Guinea-Bissau, Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia, Burundi, Equatorial Guinea, São Tomé and Príncipe, Mozambique, Madagascar.

Developing Asia: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, Myanmar and Papua New Guinea.
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