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Meet our team

We are a multidisciplinary team with significant experience and long track record in Private Equity, Venture Capital, Search Funds and SMEs worldwide.

Newton Equity Partners is led by Prof. Dr. Newton M. Campos, a renowned international Entrepreneurship and Search Fund expert, together with a group of amazing partners, outstanding advisors and more-than-qualified investors and co-investors.

We offer a global pipeline of Searchers, a positive track record of investments in Search Fund Entrepreneurs and SMEs and access to a community of co-investors aligned with our thesis of above-average financial returns through the implementation of ESG policies for positive impact, professional SME succession, embrace of Technology and adoption of a Global mindset.


Executive Team

The Executive Team is in charge of setting the vision behind our actions and implementing our Investment Philosophy.

Board of Advisors

The Board of Advisors brings their specialized view and senior experience to guide the Executive Team when facing key execution challenges and investment decisions.


Conflict of Interest Management Guidelines

To avoid conflicts of interest between our investment fund and our academic practice, we follow these guidelines:

Full disclosure: We inform our fund's stakeholders, including partners, investors, and employees, about our academic positions and responsibilities. This transparency helps establish trust and allows stakeholders to understand potential conflicts of interest.


Separate roles: We clearly distinguish our roles as academics and fund managers. We avoid leveraging our academic positions to gain an unfair advantage for our fund and keep our academic research separate from our fund's activities.

Confidentiality: We do not share sensitive or non-public information obtained through our fund with our academic institutions or students and vice-versa. We ensure that our fund operates with integrity and maintains the confidentiality of its proprietary information.


Ethical investment practices: We adhere to ethical guidelines and industry standards when managing our fund. We ensure that our investment decisions are not influenced by our academic work and maintain objectivity in our fund's strategy.

Managing time and resources: We balance our commitments to both our academic lives and the investment fund. We should avoid neglecting our fund's responsibilities while focusing on our academic duties, and be transparent with our stakeholders about our time allocation.

Academic involvement: We are cautious when involving academic colleagues or students in our fund. We maintain clear boundaries and avoid creating situations where academic contacts feel compelled to participate in the fund due to our positions as professors or researchers.

Regulatory compliance: We familiarize ourselves with applicable laws and regulations governing investment funds and conflicts of interest. We comply with these requirements and ensure that our fund operates within legal and ethical boundaries.


Periodic review: We regularly review and assess potential conflicts of interest and update our disclosures as needed. We engage in open dialogue with our fund's stakeholders to address concerns and ensure we are adhering to established guidelines.


By following these guidelines and maintaining transparency, we minimize conflicts of interest between our investment fund and our academic practice while upholding our commitment to ethical practices in both areas.

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