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Newton Equity Partners

Reshaping Capitalism through responsible Search Fund investments

Our Investment Philosophy

We are convinced that there is a better way.

We exist to create value, impact communities and drive economic development through responsible Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) search, acquisition and growth.

We are borderless and the world is our oyster. We see opportunity among the underestimated and talk to those who hear the true and authentic call of responsible and innovative leadership.

Our advantage comes from our passion for SMEs, passion for technology, passion for global mentality and from decades of leadership selection and development for entrepreneurial ecosystems across the world.

We are inspired by ambitious entrepreneurs who are prepared to innovate in a more responsible way for the whole planet and for society; tech-savvy people with the vision to lead digital transformation; global citizens who bring best-in-world thinking to local contexts.

We think and partner
on a long-term basis with Search Fund entrepreneurs who crave to create wealth in a way that earns respect and a reputation for honesty and integrity.

We champion diversity. We lift up, counsel and connect. We are obsessed with leadership development and seek to live out our values in all we do: integrity, transparency, respect, open-mindedness, continuous learning and having fun.

Team Meeting

What is a Search Fund?

A Search Fund is an investment vehicle formed by one or two potential entrepreneurs with the backing of investors like us. We support the search, the acquisition and the growth of an SME. The whole process is led by these entrepreneurs identified as Searchers before the acquisition and CEOs after:











After acquisition, the challenge becomes to grow a sustainable and innovative business  built upon the acquired company's legacy (onkochishin*) as a solid base for growth. In our view, Search Funds are about leading, inspiring and empowering people, creating value for shareholders, local communities and society.

*Onkochishin (温故知新) is a Japanese expression meaning "understand the past to see a future based on it". The expression, commonly used in Private Equity, explains how value can be created after the acquisition of a company with high potential to grow.

Important Notice

At Newton Equity Partners, we are committed to pioneering innovative investment opportunities through the unique model of Search Funds, focusing on uniting scaleup entrepreneurs, high potential SMEs, and smart investors to foster significant growth and innovation.

Please be advised that the initiatives and operations described on our website are currently privately funded and conducted under the direct oversight of our founder, Newton Campos. We are in the process of seeking authorization from the European financial authorities to expand our activities. This step is essential for us to begin officially receiving investment petitions from Family Offices and to consider investment requests from entrepreneurial searchers.

We are dedicated to ensuring full compliance with all regulatory requirements and are working diligently to secure the necessary approvals. Our goal is to open our doors to a broader community of investors and entrepreneurs as soon as we are authorized to do so, underpinning our commitment to transparency, integrity, and the highest standards of corporate governance.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this preparatory phase. We look forward to the opportunity to work with a diverse array of Family Offices and talented entrepreneurs in the near future.

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